Tube Expansion Guide – Tube Installation

Tube Installation

  1. After tube holes have been prepared they are usually coated with a rust preventative compound. Before inserting any tube it is important to remove all traces of this coating.
  2. It is extremely important that great care be taken in handling the tubes for insertion in all of the vessels discussed above. Be certain that the tube ends are clear of any foreign material.
  3. Be especially certain that there are no chips on the tubing which may gouge the tube sheet or tube seat when the tube is placed in the vessel.
  4. In some cases it will be necessary to force a tube into a tube hole. This should be done with extreme care. It is better to spring the tube than to try to force it with a hammer.
  5. If a tube end is kinked or damaged before rolling, the expanded end will be damaged and a leaky roll joint will result.
  6. Attention at this time to the tube ends and the tube alignment will prevent future troubles. Tube sheet grooving tools are available for MM bore sizes also.